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Natural Beauty AsianHe turned to me, “You don’t want to know.” The room was chilling slightly, as she whirled in a kick, wincing at the pain that ran up her leg. Immediately, another presence overrode her focus, powerful and dangerous enough that she froze, ripping her headphones from her ringing ears and risking a glance over. ‘She was beautiful, no, breathtaking. Shit! Why was I thinking about her like this? No! She’s the girl who’s going to ruin my life.’ Leo admitted harshly in his head. He watched the strange girl, wide eyed and fragile, but nonetheless, beautiful, as she walked towards them with her mother behind her. She had a firm gaze, her lips pressed in a tight line, and her arms crossed over her chest; however, her face had a puzzled look on it. ‘She doesn’t know yet. Oh joy, time to break that innocent face. What the hell!? Stop thinking about her like that Leo! Girls are bitches who want to screw with your heart, Natural Beauty Asian then walk away like you mean nothing to them’ Leo faced down, his eyes tracing the lines of his one of a kind Jordan’s. They we’re light blue, just like his eyes, and new, not to mention shiny. They cost a fortune, not like it mattered, considering his family was loaded with money.

He smiled inwardly, anyone would have died for a pair of shoes like his, but they were Leo’s. Being rich did have advantages. Pushing those thoughts aside, he remembered why he was hurt. His girlfriend, Rebecca, broke his heart when he caught her in bed with another guy. He remembered all his friends telling him during football practices how his girlfriend was hot, and how she couldn’t be trusted. Back then he’d just shrug them off, telling himself that wasn’t true. Looking back, he realized what a dumbass he’d been for trusting some girl instead of his friends.

‘How did I know I’d fallen head over heels in love with the school slut? I should’ve listened to my friends, Natural Beauty Asian they knew what was wrong with her, and kept giving me hints but I never took them.’ He groaned inwardly. She was his everything.

He was even willing to give up his virginity to her, to claim her as his mate, but he knew she wasn’t it. The girl, who stood before him, was his mate. ‘No. I’m never falling in love agai, Natural Beauty Asian. I don’t care if she’s my mate, she can go fucking die in a hole for all I care’. His mind flashed with rage.

Natural Beauty Asian