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Old Asian Lady

A few months blurred past. Ethan was at work when Christan’s water broke in the kitchen one morning. Quickly, I rushed Christan out to my car with her hospital bag. When we were both buckled in, I drove her to the hospital, calling Ethan from the road. By the time we reached the hospital, Christan contractions were getting stronger. Ethan met us there. The mid-wife rushed out to meet us with a wheel chair for Christa, Old Asian Lady.

We all rushed into the hospital. Ethan and I stayed with her until the end and after 9 hours of labour, Christan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who had thick brown hair and bright blue eyes. Elora Rose Browne she named her. Ethan and I stayed with her for a couple more hours before heading home to get some sleep.

‘Pefect! When he stirs even just a little in his sleep, Old Asian Lady the bucket will fall the icy water right on top of him! That’ll wake him up’ She smiled triumphantly before sneaking downstairs. Grabbing an apple, she sat at the table patiently for the fireworks that would soon come. MYKA: Nikki just gives me a slapped and told me that I must stay away from you But I guess it seemed to me that that could not be true. Eve’s personality, no matter how good of an actress she was, could not be hidde, Old Asian Lady.

The girl who spiked my interest like a spark igniting a wildfire could not be a facade.

“Mom…” Dylan tried to stop his mom’s words. Grandma said she would support me in whatever choice I made. She had admitted it. Queen Meredith was of course more beautiful than any creature and Queen Linsay was even more envious half a century later.

Scoffing, Linsay stomped her foot, even all these years later she was still planning on how to best kill someone with the protection of a goddess who never lost. Shaking her head she walked into the camp and into her large tent. She would find a way to kill Meredith and if given the chance her whole pesky family. The protectors of the Gods, Linsay snickered at that, with them gone the gods would be completely defenseless.

“Are you kidding! They’re ugly compared to you! You don’t even need makeup to look gorgeous, while they need makeup just to look half decent.” He tilted her chin up, kissing her lips softly.

“This emergency meeting is in session,” he says, his words as smooth as syrup.

It seems to relax the group, each one hanging on his words. “Anyone want to state their concern?”

Old Asian Lady