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Online DateI wanted it so I could beat Serena. At least, that was what I tried to tell myself. I refused to even think about Dex, denying that maybe, just maybe, I was going through all this for him. It couldn’t be true. “Just like the song, let us make every second count” he whispers. I close my eyes and feel his presence.

I miss him, I love him! The man that I love from a very long, long time That means you better pay attention to these words that I say “Well…”I hesitate, staring at his face. He’s so…pretty when he laughs. “Oh he’s gonna die.” I mumbled The action reminds me of last night, and I jerk away with sudden ferocity.

“Nothing,” I mutter, looking at the ground. “Nothing is going o, Online Date.” He catches me staring, smirks and eye-rapes me. Ew! I can tell by the way he’s looking at my body. Gross! Talk about perv! Did I say he’s hot? Forget it…he’s a jerkface (that’s hot, but pretend I didn’t think that). A jerkface who’s a player.

I roll my eyes and his smirk deepens. Ugh, jerk alert.

I can’t believe I’m marrying this retard!

But it could’ve been worse. He could’ve been ugly. Better ugly then preppy. And this guy was a total preppy.

I’ll call him Mr. Preppy from now o, Online Date. He’s wearing full Abercrombie shirt and shorts.

I’m past those stores ages ago. You basically just bust $20 on a shirt that your going to wear once and then it’ll shrink in the washer.

At least that’s what happened to me and I swore never to walk in one of those stores ever agai, Online Date. Oh God! Kiss? I can’t, I won’t. Mike’s sadistic face grinned back at me through my eyelids.

I picture I had been trying to forget for the past three weeks. I pulled myself as hard as I could from him. His face went from one of pleasure to shock. “Cleo, don’t move.” I suddenly heard Durwald behind me. Due to the authority and alarm in his voice, I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Yeah right lil’ miss virgi, Online Date.

” He said But seriously, I wasn’t going to lie to him about feelings or lack thereof.

Who does he think I am?

Online Date