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Jack stepped close to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “She will not be gone. I will keep her right here. I’ve gotten a job in these parts so I could stay in this area.” “What are you so afraid of”? I asked seriously. “Fine, I guess.” I shrug, trying to evaluate my mood. Besides a dark feeling in the pit of my stomach, my body seems fine. It’s not what I’m concerned about either.

“I mean, I’m really worried about the others. How did you reach the castle, Ray? Are the Shifters keeping you prisoner here?” ”you ready.

”i said to lexie leaving my thought behind. Walking towards the garden where I eat my lunch, I spot him leaning against the statue near the doors.

He smiles when he turns to look at me, a smile so unguarded that it makes my heart flutter. He quickly strikes a pose, kneeling in front of the statue’s outstretched sword with a wounded expressio, Online Dating Chat Rooms.

CHAPTER 20: ONE PROBLEM AFTER ANOTHER Kayden flexed his jaw, reaching out to me. I slapped his hand away and turned around, limping through the crowd of cheering people.

“Yes, I said cursed.

You are defiantly cursed and I would be glad if you could stay out of my hair now, it’s getting really annoying.

” Griffin is obviously furious, so I force my eyes to close and steady my breathing from a hundred miles per hour to a normal rate. “What do you want Griffin?” Xavier asks calmly. I shoved his hand away again and walked to my room. Bianca wasn’t in there, I shrugged and went to my closet.

I got out a pair of black skinny jean, a white short sleeve shirt and underwear.

I took all my things to the bathroom. I turned on the water then stripped and got i, Online Dating Chat Rooms. O. k….maybe just a little, you can’t blame me for being a girl. ;P I gasped at surprise and standing behind me was James. “Surprise, sweetheart?

” For some reason James’s calling me ‘sweetheart’ cause thumping in my heart.

Wow, aren’t I cliche much? “I don’t think we met properly…My name is-” I nodded and say everything that comes to the top of my head. “ You were in the bet!” I growled and I brought my fist up hitting him right in the jaw. I grinned and plopped down on my seat.

Online Dating Chat Rooms