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Online Dating Ireland

I banged my head on the window, trying to get rid of the tears spilling down my face. Have you ever had that dreading feeling in your stomach? The one that makes you feel as though your worlds about to fall apart? I regretted not spending all my time with Declan and everyone else while I had been here. I regretted never coming to stay with Marissa before. And I regretted begging not to come here in the first place.

I couldn’t leave I just couldn’t! I fell onto my bed and let the tears flow freely; I pulled my legs up to my stomach and wrapped my arms tight around them. I want more than anything to be able to stay here with Declan, but no one would listen to my pleas.

As I laid there sobbing my heart out I thought about yesterday, which had been one of the best days of my life. “Stay OUT of my business, you little fat pig!” “Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to scare you. You okay?” “But Mr. Lucas!” I whined, “Just one little dance! I promise.

” “Good thing they love me.” He said and pulled Blair in for a kiss before placing one on his sons forehead. Hair fell into my face causing my nose to become itchy.

My face fell into complete shock as I slammed on the brakes. Honks from other cars blared in my ears as I stared at the ring. “Your father and I would be taking days off just to make your Night of Engagement picture perfect.

” “No, Xavier,” He brushes past him, flinging aside his arm. “I think Mona owes us some answers, and that we need them now.” When he looks at me, his green eyes glowing with barely contained intensity, a strange fear grips my heart. Whatever. The first thing I catch sight of after a moment of dizziness is a man with dark black hair. He is gazing at me warmly, smiling as I start to cough and sit up. “There there,” he pats my hand softly, “not too fast.” “Is that Edward?

” I smile, “Well, I’m not really…

famous.” Walking nearer to my random destination, I begin to hear low murmurs, Online Dating Ireland the same voices inside my head growing stronger. Once I focus, I can begin to detect words, a conversation flowing.

“Okay” We both said in unison He put one of his pale hands on my cheek and I jumped up from the coldness that came off of his hands.

And right then—when Shane’s big blue eyes darted toward me and away so fast I barely noticed, and his free hand shoved forcefully into his jeans pocket—right then I knew something was wrong. He tensed again and muttered, “I hate you.” NICK’S P. O.V

Online Dating Ireland