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Online Dating Sites FreeThat’s what happens when you’re an outcast’ Looking up, she saw Leo’s eyes turn from beautiful emerald green-blue eyes to dark black ones. His face became angry for a split second, but then changed back to his normal expressionless face. His eyes turned back to their original color as well. Getting up, she rinsed her plate and began loading the dishes in the dishwasher. She looked back up to find that Leo was gone, his plate empty.

She went over to the table and grabbed the plate. Suddenly, a soft breath tickled her neck. “It was really good by the way” She spun around, coming face to face with an amused Leo. His blue-green eyes shining brightly and his face contorted into a smirk.

‘Why was he having this effect on me? No boy could go through my rough shell, Online Dating Sites Free then why was it that every time I looked into those eyes, I felt as if I’d melt into a puddle right there! ’ Looking down, she gave him a nod and pushed past him to the dishwasher.

She looked over at me and kicked the ball. I got it and started running faster towards the goal, dribbling the ball between my feet. We finally got to school, I slammed (softly) the car doors. I mean, I don’t want to hurt the poor precious car. “Sea…?” That voice, it can’t be! “ Note?” I heard Clay ask. I sighed in relief, leaning down to reach into my bag. I pulled out my pajamas and quickly changed, ignoring Damian’s hungry growl behind me. His warm hand touched my cheek, making me look back up at him through my lashes. “I think that might be a good idea. Seeing as I’m going to go insane soon if I’m unable to have you in my arms any longer.

” He told me with a light, teasing smile. She stepped back, “I don’t really know. I’m guessing they are since Mr.—” “ how?” I asked shocked. “I was never mad at you,” I acknowledge softly.

“You must have extraordinary taste and patient if you like my cooking.” I said, raising both of my eyebrows. He turned towards me and smirked.

He slowly leaned in, enough for me to smell him. He smelled like cologne and shampoo mixed together and said “Because I like you.” Emilie was a beautiful girl, with blonde hair and hazel eyes that was almost pure gold. She had an amazing figure, her voice nice but not amazing, with all the makings of a future star. I felt myself to be lucky to accidentally take advantage of a girl like her instead of a street rat. Her personality was hidden beneath layers and layers of superficial sweetness.

We had fun, for a little while.

Online Dating Sites Free