Oriental Bride

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Oriental BrideMy hands still burn from the shame of last night, and I don’t want to have to think about that event, or even him. Everything is all too firmly embedded in my thoughts, displayed in crystal clear definition in my mind. I would do anything to get a delete button in my mind, to wipe these away from my brain forever. Anything to get rid of that burning kiss. In there we found a few bottles of Martini, wine and vodka. I poured myself a vodka and coke, and then another seen as Jaz had taken mine laughing. We stood in the kitchen talking for a few miniutes about Ali and how sweet she was with her boyfriend.

Apparently they had been going out for three years now, I though it was so cute. I heared the clik clak of heels and looked up to see Chloe standing in the door way, with her hands on her hips and a vicious expression on her face. “What are you..” She whispered before she dozed off agai, Oriental Bride. He realized he should get some water for her, took the pan which was still filled with soup and emptied it a few meters further.

He then walked the well-known path to the stream.

How long had she been here? How did she get here? His mind was flooding with questions but he knew he would not be able to get them answered unless she got better. He cleaned the pan and filled it with fresh clear water.

When he walked back she was awake, attempting to crawl towards the sea. She didn’t get there on time and threw up on the sand. Apparently she had not eaten for days because she did not throw much up. He ran over to her. “Why? It’s too late to play out.” I told him, childish I know, but I really didn’t want to leave my lovely warm bed. Although I know he must have a good reason for waking me at this time in the morning. I hopped out of bed and pulled on a jumper while he spoke.

“You’re welcome.

” he said. I pulled myself away from him and blushed a little. “Ok,” Xerxes spoke above us, “UFC it is the, Oriental Bride.”

Oriental Bride