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Oriental Women OrganizationWe all ordered and talked about life. “All right, what shape?” I don’t know how many times I’ve accepted my death in the last few months and somehow lived to see the next day. The first few times, I just thought it was luck. Ok, I’m saved, what a miracle. “Ready Sea?” He questioned me and eyed Luke as if he was serial killer. “Ouch, that must have hurt,” a low chuckle erupts as my vision settles on long strands of brown hair that are hanging around my face. Still a little dizzy, I let my hand brush against the hair, and then eventually a firm chin, tracing down his jawline and neck. As if just realizing my actions, I let my arm drop and my mouth open as I finally register who the person leaning precariously over me is. I woke up feeling really sick. I don’t know what was wrong with me. One minute I was on the bed feeling happy, Oriental Women Organization then the next minute I was running to the bathroom barfing my intestines out. Nathan walked over to the bathroom and held my hair up while rubbing my back. “Honey whats wrong?

” Nathan asked sounding really concerned. “I don’t know. I just feel really dizzy and Ug-.” I got cut off because I was throwing up more. “Shh it’s okay baby. I’ll take you to the doctor now. Just get cleaned up and meet me downstairs.

” I nodded my head. I clawed at Sadie’s arm as we walked closer and closer to it. I couldn’t lie to myself.

I was scared with a capital S. This was new for me. Sadie, on the other hand, was totally confident.

She walked with a lilt to her step, a smile gracing her face, as she dragged me along with her. “Oh right yeah now I know what it is thanks” I said and turned away to look for it and realised I don’t know where it is “Not really. I got you some jeans, but you can keep that T-shirt o, Oriental Women Organization.” His face crinkled into a pout, but he backed away as I requested. “Tomorrow?

” he called hopefully, his voice begging, tugging at me in ways I had never experienced before.

He studied me with careful eyes before shaking his head. “No. Come with me. It’s not safe.” He said. “Me either.” I sighed “Well what am I supposed to say! I’ve said it all before and you just get pissed!

” She looked exasperated.

Oriental Women Organization