Perfect Asian Beauty

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Perfect Asian Beauty

I looked into his eyes and could see the love that was held in them. He really did love me and he wasn’t lying. “I … Love … You … Too. I have felt a stronger pull of attraction towards you and I just didn’t want to admit it. Seeing as we were enemies and I thought you would just laugh at me.” I said and then turned my head so I wasn’t making eye contact. I was blushing and I didn’t want him to see. He held my chin with one of his hands and turned it so now we were making eye contact. Cash laughed and turned back to the magazines.

“What’s up?” “Yeah, your right. It is. Cole said in the same sexy voice as before.

I hardly had any time to register the surprise from his words before he pressed his lips tightly against mine. Chapter 16 “And the first place winner isssssss . . . . ” I hate how he stopped because it was pretty obvious that it was, “Cohen!!” A small silence followed while he pondered, Perfect Asian Beauty then he opened his mouth once more. “I know, for certain, that your dreams will come true,” he smiled.

His smile brightened his face as he looked out through the night, his gravelly voice tearing through the silence. It was full of hope, his words. From them, I could tell that Peter wanted my dreams to be fulfilled.

He wanted me to be happy. After a few more shops, and when we were all finally out of money we decided to go home and get ready. Seen as though Alicia and Jaz were stopping in one of Declan’s guest rooms tonight they both had to go home to see their parents before being out until the next day. But they did ask if they could come to my house to get ready as it would be easier.

I agreed and we all arranged to meet at mine about seve, Perfect Asian Beauty. I hoped out of the car, hugging Ali and Jaz goodbye and walked back home to find Marissa had gotten back. I told her about my trip to the mall, and she seemed as happy as I was with having some new girl friends.

Perfect Asian Beauty