Oriental Gals

PersonalIn the middle of the night, I briefly become suspended between sleep and full consciousness. Confusion arises within me as I realize a broad chest is now against my back instead of soft fur, two legs almost intertwined with mine. An arm is slowly caressing me, stroking my stomach, arms, and thigh; and lips are murmuring soft words to my ear. Confused, she looked up, and sighed, not a wall, a ma, Personal. Ian stood, glaring down at her, his eyes looking more crimson…scarier as they glinted. His face was pale, circles underlining those eyes, and blood coming from a gash in hollow of his cheekbone.

Her eyes widened, had they been hunting tonight?

“Well,” the leader bumps in, “I think you can and will.” The two men around Xavier grab his arms fiercely. “And Mona,” he tells me in a low voice, “I’m very interested as to how you and… um… Scotty know each other. Both of you can tell me all about that later.

” My eyes open quickly, and I survey my surroundings. The t-shirts from the night before are scattered across the cave, Personal the fire only consisting of cold ashes.

From what I can tell, Personal the sky is still full of low-lying fog and heavy mist, Personal the rain having retreated far into the horizo, Personal. I can’t really see the sun, if there even is one in this world, but only the gray darkness. “Well, I don’t want to hear your excuse too! And you know that stupid, ugly promise ring you gave me?” I rip the ring out of my finger and showed him, “I don’t want it! You know why? Because I know that you will never make me happy and I WILL NEVER give a fuck about that fucking ring.” I glanced at Randy.

He was still watching me, but the look on his face was unreadable.

We all drove together to the doctors in my car. Christan and I checked in at the front desk and got made to pee in a cup and weighed before we saw the doctor. Christan went first to hear her baby’s heart beat, Personal then me. Both our babies had strong heart beats. Then we had an ultrasound, Dr. Lexus showing us our babies on the monitor.

The creature tries to say something, but I refuse to let any words slip out of its tiny mouth. I leap forward as it forms the words, covering her mouth with my hands.

Terror dances across her eyes as she stills with my movement, seemingly stunned with shock. “Cause.

” Dylan started to kick on the pebbles that were on the ground. “You’re the only girl I know that doesn’t give a shit about money.