Philippine Women

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Philippine Women

Those words repeated in my mind and my heart felt like it was being stabbed and twisted everytime my mind repeats it. “You look beautiful.” Ryan said in the mic and I blushed like crazy. I wish I couldn’t blush. “I think that could be arranged.

” he murmured. “Chosen One?” A voice calls in the distance. I mutter angrily under my breath.

Move, Mona, move! “Put your shirt on, Ali,” I grinned and shook my head. “Charlie don’t go in there alone!

” James sounded terrified, but his calls were useless as Charlie had already hung up. James smacked the steering wheel with both hands and sped up considerably. “Great!

I’ll let you go sweetheart.

We’ll meet up at Uncle Sam’s coffee shop at one. You know that little old place we used to go to when you were little?

” The maid gather around me and started there job. They were taking my hair and washing it with this green thing and rubbing it with these green leaves. Another started messaging my shoulders and putting these long, black oval stones on my shoulders. My muscular was starting to relax a little, it was good. Than another maid, grabbed my hand and started messaging my arms, hand and finger.

Another maid was messaging my feet and using these cool, ooze that makes your feet feels good. I was glad I am not ticklish there, I really like this whole thing, but I don’t know their names.

“You need to learn to shut up!” His voice was harsh and disgusting as “Heather! I can’t believe you did this to me!,” I shreik into my sister’s old cell. Well…my entire family is saving up money for me to go to college.

“Where are you going? I want to go too.” She said. I grinned. I looked closer at Jen, she was all red. To fill that empty gap Peter had left vacant so many years ago. “Don’t know, George wanted me to, for some stupid reason” he answered “He was bummed out when he find out that he couldn’t get a hug till tomorrow” “What?” I pretended that I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Y-you should’ve s-s-seen y-your f-face!” I laughed uncontrollably “Who are the other bridesmaids?” I asked curiously. Sam took Zoey’s hand and said “I’m Sam” Dex raised an eyebrow at me as I tried to wipe them off frantically, not caring about anything else. The colors were beginning to blend together, a mess of red, green, pink, and blue that shook me to the bone. I ran to the stairs until out of sight, Philippine Women then, just out of curiosity, stopped to liste, Philippine Women.

Philippine Women