Phone Dating


Phone Dating

I walked to my little table and decided to just let my hair hang low today. Then I grabbed my make up bag and took out some eye liner and lip gloss.

I moved the eye liner on my eye in a steady beat and then put it back. Then I grabbed my light pink gloss and rubbed some onto my full pink lips. Perfect I smiled. Then walked downstairs to get something to eat. I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and sat down on a stool in the kitche, Phone Dating. I ate it in silence while flicking thew a teen magazine.

“Ryan’s bra’s.” She said my name last “Will do” Brayden said and they left Great.

Apparently the girls weren’t the only ones swapping gossip about their love lives. The boys had been talking, too. I guess when a bunch of high school jocks don’t get laid, word starts to spread that something is seriously wrong, because by Monday, Phone Dating the guys were worried.

She squealed “Thank you” Chapter Two “ You’re not riding this,” He repeated throwing the broke skateboard onto the ground.. I stood up and grabbed her hand and pulled her up, and reached my hand out. I laughed, “I don’t believe you on the Dylan part. Dylan is Dylan either way.” Dylan’s Dylan alright.

“In fact, he’s not that bad.” I just could. It just came to me like it was natural.

When you need someone ‘Do you like it? I mean, I didn’t know what kind of person you were so I-‘ “Don’t you get it?” Peter said sharply, “That’s not enough for me anymore,” “It is nice, isn’t it?”Xavier’s voice rings back, and I expressionlessly turn my head towards the water furiously climbing towards my nose, my cheeks hot. Thunder echoes throughout the land, reverberating within our death chamber with astounding ferocity. I removed his arms from around my waist and quickly silenced my phone as it rang. I glanced at Aunt Mabel and Uncle Jess, Phone Dating they were both still sound asleep.

I stepped outside the room and looked at the number and raised an eyebrow, I didn’t recognize it.

Phone Dating