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Plus Size DatingI ran up stairs and called Bianca and told her to get her ass over here so we could go to the mall. She said she’d be here in 20. I went to my closet and pulled out a white miniskirt that went a little past mid-thigh, a white long sleeve shirt, and a black vest. “Dammit Tay you’re just making this hard on me,” a low growl sounded from Leo, where he was perched up on the bed. His eyes raked up her body, making Taylor blush like mad. In a flash, she was underneath him again, him looming over, kissing her hungrily. She responded immediately, snaking her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around his toned torso. It wasn’t a clean bite, but the pain…A fierce groan passed his lips, her pulls becoming stronger as her moan vibrated between them. He was powerless to the Vampire in him. His was drilling into her, loud sounds shooting through the room, until he realized growls were coming from him. “Can you open the door?” He asked her through the door as he heard her muttering to herself.

I turned towards him, “No. Why would I be?” “I . . . want you to stay with me tonight.” She whispered.

“Yes,” the dooming word escaped my mouth. Peter looked like he had been slapped.

Not saying a single word, he walked away. I raced to him, tears streaming down my cheeks. “Oh honey you’re awake!

” Taylor’s mom rushed to her side, enveloping her in a warm, motherly hug. Taylor hugged back just as tightly. “You want to get me flowers, but you don’t care if I don’t eat?” “Did you hypnotize Sidney into liking you?” I ask. “You can date Kayde, Plus Size Dating. But you can’t kiss in front of me.” He said shivering from the last sentence “Hello Patty,” he said. For some reason, I can’t cast him aside.

I creep closer, looking at his bloodied head and body. It seems like his head hit the side of this well pretty hard. At least I think we fell in the well. OH, he did not just said that! I stand up straight quickly to make our eyes meet each others.

Okay…kinda meet, my ‘5 4″ height was nothing compared to his ‘5 11″ height. I practically looked like a baby seahorse v. s. a wild lio, Plus Size Dating. I was that short…and weak. “Look Mr I’m-so-perfect, if you notice now, I’m not that healthy unlike you. Don’t you ever and I mean ever compare you to me. Got that?!”

Plus Size Dating