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Popular Asian GirlThe atmosphere had lightened up again now, and was less serious because, although I do like him, I was more interested on having fun and getting to know him, Popular Asian Girl then rushing into a relationship with him. I’d only ever had a few boyfriends, and only kissed one of them. It was nothing too serious, at the time we thought we were madly in love. Now looking back on it we were way too young to even know what love was, and when we split up neither of us cared much. We both jumped back in surprise. I turn away blushing, I can’t let him see me right now. I quickly smoothen my dress as the speaker when on, “Mr. and Ms. Cohen, we have arrived. I hoped you enjoyed the ride. Have a nice day.” She sneered and I surprisingly found that face sexy, it was hard to keep myself from biting my lip. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on my upset mate. “No. Who. The, hell. Do you think you are? Okay, look, don’t act like you own me, or know me. Cause you don’t. Never have, never will.” She spat at me, her temper rising. It was turning me o, Popular Asian Girl. I opened my mouth to speak, but she closed her eyes, and held up her hand, stopping me. “And stop acting all tough, saying you’ll do whatever you want to me.” she finished, stepping inside my space now, and having her mouth hovering right above mine. “Bet you won’t,” she whispered in my mouth.

My eyes widened, “Only the hottest Senior this school has ever had. That Kayden! He’s sitting right there!

You’re doing this on purpose!

” “Nothing, Jake… drop it.” Xavier says, standing up slowly and then extending his hand towards mine. I look at Jake and then take Xavier’s hand, letting him pull me up. I don’t even care about the impression we are probably giving off right now.

Popular Asian Girl