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I looked into his eyes and blushed agai, Popular Dating Sites. His brown eyes were soft and loving. He pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Name?” I pressed. We pulled apart for air but he just kissed down my neck. He squeezed my ass. We were still stood in outside McDonald’s, leaning on his car with all his friends around.

Declan was now talking to one of the boys about what happened earlier at paint ball, whereas I was talking to Alicia and Jasmine, Popular Dating Sites the only two girls in group.

Although me and the girls got along okay, I wanted to spend some alone time with Declan, we were still on our date after all. I decided I would wait until he had finished telling a few of the boys his story and then I’d whisper it to him. Not in a sexual way – just so that his friends wouldn’t think I was rude for asking if we could go. “I…” he stuttered, “had t-to get a d-drink,” His lips parted in a pout, innocence in his face. “LET GO!” I screamed and tried to kick him. “Thank you.” He said grateful Andy’s POV Cause we’ll be okay, I’m not going away When we enter the highway, Popular Dating Sites the car growls with power, accelerating quickly.

For one quick moment, it feels like I am riding in a rocket instead of a car. Xavier grips the wheel tightly, Popular Dating Sites the smile getting broader on his handsome features. I laugh once more at his expression, and he turns to look at me. Electricity and passion instantly crackle between us, and for a few seconds, we can not pull away. I feel myself drowning in his green eyes, losing thought of anything else. CHAPTER FIVE We got into the car and started driving back home. However, all doom and gloom evaporates as I survey the blood running towards his foot. It is worse now, Popular Dating Sites the thorns growing irritated in the ski, Popular Dating Sites. “Xavier,” I tell him, squatting down to examine the injury better, “we have to get you a bandage!

” I have to admit, it was very nice and heroic of Xavier to save me, and I owe him at least this much concer, Popular Dating Sites. “We can talk about it, Vanessa.

” Jason said. Now that I’ve finally decided to be a hero, Popular Dating Sites the question is how this will go down in God’s scrapbook or wherever this will be written dow, Popular Dating Sites. Should I pose for a minute, or fight the evil dragon who appears out of nowhere? I’m not used to this kind of life. “My lord, you flatter me,” she began almost sweetly.

I heard the shuffling of feet, and Dex emerged from the bathroom, I quickly pulling away from the wall.

Popular Dating Sites