Pregnant Asian Woman

Oriental Girl

Pregnant Asian Woman

Awwwhh… how cute is that?! “What is this…” I murmur in wonder, staring at the carpet and waving my foot around in it. My feet seem to sink into its luxurious depths as I imagine myself falling onto it and floating away. “No. The last time I let them have ‘fun’, one of them got a girl pregnant!” “Sorry I’m late. I had to talk to my soccer coach about making up practice.

” I smiled. That’s why.. “Yeah?” she mumbled; her voice cracking vulnerably as she swallowed the lump in her throat.

“ A-Art your… Baby your home,” a lady said. I looked over into the front room, and saw an older woman with a robe wrapped around her, sitting on the couch, with liquor bottles surrounded around her. “ Baby, hi,” she giggled.

Sadness washed over me, that’s Art’s mother.

She stood up, and started to fall but grabbed onto the wall catching herself. She walked over to me, looking at me. “ Oh.. who… who is this pretty..

” She started laugh.

“ girl,” she finished. I gave her a weak smile. “Not you.” I smirked, grabbing a fork from the drawer Chapter 13 “ blah. Blah.” I heard him grumble before he went into the house.

I started laughing, and I shortly went into the house. When I walked in I saw everyone in the front room except for Art. Ramai:the blooded civilians of the Vampire class; Vampire aristocrates.

“Thank you,” I offer her my best smile, “now, could you tell me where Sidney’s house is?” “I thought the point was ending the rivalry,” Kelsey said. “Don’t you “hello beautiful me-!” “Sometimes, it is.” I felt a touch of pity for Dex, at the way he had so many things, yet so little, but strangely, although I had this simple life, with nothing materialistic in it, I had more than Dex did… for I had love. “Yeah right, and you expect me to believe that?” What did he think I was, stupid? He tried to put his hand on my shoulder but i just shrugged it off. I was angry right now. I knew it. I haven’t been angry for weeks and now it all just builded up inside me. I tried my best, I really did but I just can’t seem to let my anger go. “Well, its been nice meeting you and thanks for rescuing me and all but I really should get going.” Blair said as she glanced around for the front door. “So, how are you Nathan

Pregnant Asian Woman