Prettiest Asian Girl

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Prettiest Asian GirlI pulled back for air but he just kissed down my neck. I moaned as he kissed my sweet spot. “My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend!” I exclaim with faked recognition, “why would he want to go there?” My mouth parts in a perfect, astounded “o” along with the girl. “Ok, are you ready to go snorkling?

” “Yeah, my wedding, I actually care about that. You know?!” “Oh. The wedding,” she said, “yeah, well… I was afraid you would rat on us.” I pinched his cheek, “Aw, little Natha, Prettiest Asian Girl.” She tried to remember how she’d ended up here, in a stranger’s bed, but it all came back in blurry, dreamlike flashes.

Ia, Prettiest Asian Girl. She’d been talking – arguing with him…Somehow they’d found out she’d left the premises and oh Goddess her father – “Oh, look,” Tyler had a teasing smirk, “Sleeping Beauty is awake.

” “6pm” “How the heck did you pass out.” I glanced at Chris nervously as he paused in his converstaion to stare at me. Chapter 7 I smiled, and Dad rolled back into the living room, understanding without my saying it that I needed to be alone for a minute. “I did!” He said pulling his phone out “You’re an epic douche.

You know that, right?” I asked “I understand, Lou.” He shot her a heart-breaking smile. We spent the next few days swimming in the river, cooking food over an open fire and barely getting any sleep.

I loved every moment I spent together with Nathan and was unhappy when the day came that we had to go back to the palace.

Nathan didn’t feel like leaving either but we had promised our parents that we would be back before sunset. We made it to the palace just in time. It would take a while before our new palace, which was situated on the border of Tokito and Dardoland and where Nathan and I were going to live, would be opened and therefore we would be staying at my parents’ palace for the next couple of months. We eventually had to pick up our daily routines again and soon I was in meetings with ministers and travelling through the country to open hospitals and schools.

So far Nathan had always travelled with me on these trips but today he had to go to Lindenburgh, a country that neighboured both Tokito and Dardoland, for the renewal of a cease-fire agreement. I had to stay at home because I had to receive some royal guests. The days crawled and even though the guests were nice and very pleasant, I could not fully enjoy their company.

And the nights were the most dreadful, I missed Nathan every waking moment and even in my sleep did I dream of his touch.

Prettiest Asian Girl