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Prettiest ChineseIt’s been pretty hard, coming up with meals for the day, but we have been making it through. We passed by a small pond the day after yesterday, so we were able to stock up on fruits and get some water. Luckily, all of us have more energy than humans do, otherwise we would have all died long ago. Every day we are traveling about a hundred miles, give or take, and are gradually getting closer to the ocea, Prettiest Chinese. We can’t see it yet, but I can sense it, remembering it in my dreams in relation to the mountains.

“Yes but it was an accident I was too happy when he gave me the job” I said, with that I earned one of his gorgeous smiles and I felt the red rising in my cheeks, so I looked away “So why is it so strange to hug him?” “Um…at ‘You can’t be that stupid!?’” “Yes!” they grinned.

“Nora gave us cookies!” “Griffin mentioned that you were a Candidate before the Shifter attack. Do you know what he meant by that statement?

” she asks me. I shake my head rather fiercely. “Here’s your lunch.” Jason said, taking my lunch out of my tray. Then the door bust open to reveal All the guys and Bianca.

“Ahh, but it’s not YOUR house.

” Penny grinned, obviously knowing something I didn’t. “Meredith doesn’t do anything willingly.

The only reason she turned Mitch, Abbie’s mate, was because Abbie had to literally beg her.” Blake said from where he stood with a sad look on his face. There’s probably more truth to that than I would ever admit. “I just make it seem like I like him so I can take his food,”I comment warmly, taking another fruit out of his bag. I measuredly take the sides and rip it with all my might, splitting it down the middle. Whoa, he just called me pretty; oh my god I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks, damn I walked down the stairs and the front door was opened, which means that Jason is waiting outside.

I say I’m done but then you pull me back I laughed, running my right hand through his thick brown hair, “It’s okay. If it helps, you looked sexy making an ugly cast.” We drove there and Will stayed in the car while I got my outfit, I got in the car and we drove home, while we got out I was surprised by a hug ”were going to my room to get ready, so you boys go on ahead will catch up.” QUESTIONS: He looked into my eyes. ‘You don’t need to apologise for something that I do too.’ “The other rooms were filled.” He explained “Sorry for the delay.

” I said looking at Mr. and Mrs. Cohe, Prettiest Chinese.

nick pov: “So how’d it go?” she asked.

“Did you shut him down?”

Prettiest Chinese