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Prettiest Vietnamese GirlI nodded. “Nick? Tell me, is there any scenes that happen between the two of you?” she again snaps. I look away from her but despite all attempts I know Myka that much. She knows if I’m lying or not. “Yes” I whisper.

She gasps with horror, darn it! I just hug her that’s all. “What did you do? Did you—“ “Stop it ok? I just hug her; I’m so desperate about her and Clint! ” I calmly say. “So that’s what you wanted to tell me this very whole time?” she pouts. Then, I slight smile erupts on my face. “Could we by any chance postpone that? I really can’t have a meeting with them right now.” I think something in my voice made the lady-in-waiting not question anything.

“Well?” She asked impatiently He resisted the urge to clear his throat. “Exactly.

Grab a dagger, females.

” The women hurried forward, grabbing at them. Nick’s girl took hers, aware of his gaze apparently since she twirled her finger at the point.

If she wanted to hurt herself, he’d be damned to stop her… “I’m s-sorry, for running out like that,” She said quietly. “Ali!” I gasped hoarsely, squirming in his arms against the ache growing in my lower abdome, Prettiest Vietnamese Girl.

“Where the fuck have you been Elizabeth?!” was the last, terrifying roar she heard before the opaque obscurity swallowed her whole.

I pick up the clear bowl, trumping over to the sink, and pour it down the drain, watching the egg disappear once and for all. Irritation grows within me, boiling inside my chest. Calming is impossible.

He tricked me. “So, Sea…?” There were steps behind me before cold breathing on my neck. The person’s lips were close to my ears. Whoever it was, it scared the heck out of Mrs. Karam. “What do you want to know…Little Queen?” “I think you would look gorgeous in that dress” I told the lady “How fitting,” I mumbled under my breath.

Dylan gave me a eye roll, “What do you think it’s a Koenigse-” “Do you like it?” “No, Vanessa you are beauti -“

Prettiest Vietnamese Girl