Pretty Asia

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Pretty AsiaAnd every time I see her or see that beautiful smile of her, I forget that I have problems, I forget that I hate myself, I forget everything and just look at her. “ Mhm, thanks,” I muttered. “You did amazing even though I don’t know what you do up there half of the time.” I said, smiling at him. I could see that his once pink lips were turning purple. “I didn’t jump on you!” I protested feebly, although I knew that this argument I wouldn’t wi, Pretty Asia. Maybe I HAD kind of jumped on him. I was so desperate to wi, Pretty Asia… We come to gentle halt, and I accidentally tumble off him, falling on my side. His body melts into itself, morphing into the handsome man that somehow manages to encompass almost all of my thoughts.

With one masculine hand, he reaches to me and offers one hand. I take it and pull myself upright, all my weight resting on my uninjured foot. “You can’t,” he says suddenly, sweeping me into his arms. I am a little confused on what I can’t do, but I decide not to ask for any clarifications. “Stay here,” he commands as he sits me down on a rock, “I will get a first aid kit and some… clothes.

” He looks at my shirt pointedly, scratched and dirty. A little rip is on the sleeve, overall making my appearance rather disheveled. Yeah. I need some clothes before school starts, or everyone will figure out that I’m practically a hobo. “Fine . . . I’m going to be honest this time, I slept with eleve, Pretty Asia.

” I said. When we walked into the cafeteria, I seriously considered turning around and going to the library.

The Blonde was sitting in Randy’s lap at our usual table, and she was grinning from ear to ear—and who could blame her? She was getting attention from the coolest people in the school. From the cutest boy. bad.” I looked back at him and lifted one eyebrow.

Pretty Asia