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Pretty Asian BabesI threw my hands up in the air. “Get a ride from my brother, I don’t want to sit in the car with you.” I snapped. “Yay!” she smiled, her joy radiating from within her, “can I see?” Goddess, yes. “Need to be inside you,” it was blunt as he cupped her sex. Her head tilted as he stroked the soaking folds. He gently led her onto his back and finally beneath him where her heat burned his erectio, Pretty Asian Babes.

Part Twelve: Possessed. “I didn’t know!” I protested as he pushed me up the stairs and into the blinding white light. I blinked, having to adjust to the brightness.

All the people! I felt dizzy.

I was the opposite.

At school, I’ve blended into the background so long, I’ve long since felt like a piece of furniture. Peter has ignored me ever since that awful day in seventh grade, and it seemed like the whole world ignored me too. It’s not like I wanted to be anything other than a piece of furniture though.

I suppose if I wanted to, I could become popular.

However, it never interested me, never really crossed my mind during those five long years.

I had basically no friends, always eating in the library, maybe once or twice eating with Delilah and her posse-Sadie always sat with the popular group, and I wasn’t willing to step within five miles of that table. He looked up at me, “I’m sorry Kayde, Pretty Asian Babes. I didn’t know how much you loved her.” “Shoot at me. What is it?” He looked slightly happier, as if thinking I would forgive him. I’m pretty sure he didn’t understand since this was his reply, “Either your a creepy stalker, psycho fan or both I don’t give a shit so get out! Or I’m going to get the guards to kick you out!” See told you, he’s a jackass alright.

“The point,” Kelsey said, “is that Lissa’s a hypocrite. She’s not even having sex, but she thinks she can tell us we should stop? And it’s all to solve her problems.

” Satisfied, I lift my hands from the wheel and into the air, letting the truck drive itself. My smile stretches to about a mile long, and a yell of exhilaration escapes my throat.

I can do what I want to do. There is no one here to stop me. “And just what the hell is so damn funny?!” I bellowed as his grin turned into laughter. “What? But you were supposed to have gotten married last year!” James laughed.

chapter fifteen

Pretty Asian Babes