Pretty Asian Eyes

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Pretty Asian Eyes

Oh no. The balls were flying like crazy and mostly at me! I dodged as many as I could and some people covered for me seeing as I was the captain for the girls. Now I was the only one left and I was up against Nathan and two of his group members. They threw the ball at me with great speed and I caught it sending one of the players out. I pretended to throw at Nathan but then aimed at the other played. It hit him behind the leg and now he was out. “Would you like to try one?” She leaned in and kissed me. My stomach twist feeling her lips agasint mine. I mined her lips along with mine. I can feel my wolf taking control of me. I couldn’t stop myself from what I was doing.

What Vanessa was hypnotizing. My arm went around her neck and my hand ran up her thigh.

I can feel her smile on my lips. My wolf was about to be let free until my mind snapped back to reality and I gently pushed Vanessa away from me. “You’re always pretty.” I said “ come here!” he called out. I raised an eyebrow. “Jealous???

” Jen said, “How?? You have a great guy like Jason and how can it be?? You guys seem like a prefect couple too.” “As soon as the crown was consumed, Pretty Asian Eyes the world was flooded with light. In that single moment, every being was called to the place where he or she belonged. For different people, that means different things.

Ray wasn’t actually a part of the werewolf society, so he actually moved on to judgement with the rest of the Shifters. In general, Pretty Asian Eyes the werewolves you know and love still exist but have been scattered, stripped of their powers and given the freedom to find a new purpose for themselves among the humans. Today, you have this freedom as well. You have broken your chains, and now you must choose as the Shifters have chose, Pretty Asian Eyes.

” I turned to him, “Sorry.” “So, whats your name? We’ve been talking for ages and you still haven’t told me.” He asked me smiling. “N-no, it doesn’t. Xavier, please…

”I touch his arm, but he shakes me off almost robotically. ‘Why? What did you do?’ He said. “So, Mrs. Knight, how are you liking being married?

” Leo chuckled, as he twirled her around the dancefloor. After the speeches, Pretty Asian Eyes the customary groom and bride dance was supposed to be danced, and here they were floating around the room, while everyone watched.

I nodded “I moved here a week ago. I used to live here when I was little, but my parents moved. I moved back thinking it would be a nice change” I lied. He didn’t need to know the real reason I left.

Pretty Asian Eyes