Pretty Asian Girls

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Pretty Asian Girls

The sound of buzzing woke her out of her dream. She had dreamt about her in the arms of a ma, Pretty Asian Girls. He was beautiful.

His deep blue eyes bore into her soft brown ones. There, upon his gorgeous face, was a smile, but it didn’t hide the fact that there was still tension on his face. They seemed to be in a large forest.

She didn’t know where she was, but at the same time, she felt safe. She trusted him. Groaning, Taylor slapped a hand on the alarm clock, and it quickly shut up. Dragging herself out of bed, she headed to the bathroom. Her eyes looked groggy and her face was colorless as she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She brushed her teeth and tried to wash away any traces of sleep deprivatio, Pretty Asian Girls. Sighing, she headed back to her room and pulled out some clothes to wear. Her outfit consisted of dark wash denim shorts and a blue tank. She paired it off with matching blue converse and a half-sleeved jacket.

Taylor cringed at the thought of Kristy making another snarky comment at her outfit yesterday, and breathed a sigh of relief. She had chosen a good outfit today.

With a half-smile, she turned and headed for the shower.

She loved the warmth the shower brought her, and for a split second remembered the warmth of the strange man being quite similar, if not more comforting. She shook her head. “Yes,” I reply, my thumbs rubbing against the sides of the chair. “Well if you MUST know. Kayden asked me out.” I said turning back to him Apparently Mary was thinking the same thing, because she asked, “Does anyone have stories, though?

I don’t, really.” She collapsed on me. “Sit here.” Jason said, plopping me into a seat as he went into the changing room and change. Trust me, I didn’t not enjoy it. The seat was all comfy, but it was horrible.

I felt like he took longer on his clothes than my clothes and I was straving. I realized that I didn’t eat any breakfast and it was lunch time. My mom would probably me if she found out that I was skipping meals.

Pretty Asian Girls