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Pretty Asian ModelsHow should I put this? “Can I go to a party after school?” Dylan’s face dropped, oh no, bad news for me the, Pretty Asian Models. “Why wouldn’t women want him?” I interrupt. “Wow, you look so sexy in my clothes” Declan said looking me up and down and raising his eye brows.

I giggled like a child and pushed him lightly on his chest.

My stomach rumbled loudly ruining the mood. “Is it because Dex is here?” She pried, opening a can of worms that I’d rather she didn’t. “ Did you know that a ditto use to be a copy machine?

” I asked.

I felt my cheeks burning, but my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth.

I couldn’t believe he was saying this. Saying it in front of everyone. “I want to be your girlfriend.

” “Like sex?” ~~ “You… remind… me,” He struggles to say, “of… a… girl.” “Okay!” She got off of her and walked to where Stell and I stood. “Let’s go home the, Pretty Asian Models.” It was taking her longer then expected so I sat in a black chair that was up against the wall. My eyes were closed now. They hurt so I was relaxing them for a few seconds.

When I opened them I noticed that next to me sat someone who I recognized as Maso, Pretty Asian Models. I didn’t like him, I ABSOLUTELY HATED HIS GUTS! You might think i’m being mean right now, but I have a perfectly good explanatio, Pretty Asian Models. But that will have to wait. “But you’re mine.” I said I sighed and pulled back, “Come back later?

” “Tango.” “So are you saying the only reason we’re broke is because the delivery company got it wrong” asked George hoping “Can I drive you?” Kayden asked The elevator stopped and I could hear the door opening.

We started walking. I nodded and we ran down stairs.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. “Yes” said Leslie at the same as Zoey “ you know Ty you only have guys in your phone, someone is a playa!

” he said loudly.

I felt my face go red, and I reached out trying to get my phone but he held it out of my grasp.

“This is amazing!” I exclaimed.

“Time for the movie.

” He said She was a skinny pencil, with twig like arms and long, long legs. Her face could only be described as cute, with adorable brown eyes and sweet little lips. She smiled at us, measuring us, than quickly turned back to her “client”.

“ You pinched my back,” he shrugged.

Pretty Asian Models