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Pretty AsianYou told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess “Umm… I was thinking maybe Xaviar? Or Hunter?” I asked back. Christan sat there thinking for a moment. She was just about to answer when we heard the screeching of tyres and a bright light shine in through the lounge room window through the dark blue curtains.

We looked at each other, questioning each other at who it might be. Together we both got up and walked to the front door, opening it and peering out. A bright red sports car sat just behind my commodore, headlights on high beam shining towards the lounge room window. I couldn’t recognise the car but was thankful I saw him before he saw me. Jake climbed slowly out the car and staggered towards the house.

I quickly shut the door, pressing my back against it as my heart started to beat hard in my chest. Christan looked at me questioningly.

“I think you know.” He whispered while one of his hands went down and gripped my butt. I wriggled agai, Pretty Asian. From now on, Nick and I will make the best of our love story.

I love him and he loves me. This is what I call home. “Keep going baby” I heard Ethan’s voice next to me ear. “Jason?” I asked, as I walked i, Pretty Asian. I slowly opened my eyes as I realized that I was against a small pillar, my arms were bound behind me around the pillar, and I was beside the opening of a torch-lit cave. It was raining heavily outside, and I could hear echoing footsteps of something or someone deeper into the cave. I felt someone touch my leg. I looked over at Chris. “This is a grinding song and you asked me to dance right when it came o, Pretty Asian.” I said moving my hips with his “But, it has a really big rock on it. . . it’s probably expensive.

” I said back. I went and grabbed a pot, I placed the chicken in the pot, added the chicken broth, and a cup and a half of water. Turned the stove on and walked over to the guys. chapter twenty-­nine “There problem solved, now you can go” Nora said and walked upstairs

Pretty Asian