Pretty Chinese Woman

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Pretty Chinese Woman

He looked at me and my seat. “There staying in Declans guest room tonight.” I told her. “Come on, we have to hurry.” he said, grabbing his black surfboard. ‘Nope. I’m tired.

Turn the lights off when you go. Thanks.

And its CeCe.’ I said before closing my eyes to go to sleep.

She pulled back and got off me, “Love you Kayden!” She sang as she walked out, closing the door behind her “Save Mona,” I say fiercely. I don’t like playing games.

“I thought you loved me.” I said =Kayden= “Alissa .. heey its Liam uhm look I was just calling because I wanted to say I was sorry about everything that happened that night, and I just wanted to know if you and Mason and … actually t-t-together?” “What’s the point of this?” “Claire, what the devil are you talking about?

” “You need to come to Merit Care Hospital immediately. Your mother was in an accident—” Shouldn’t I feel happy? “What the…” Jake says in protest, “how can you say that this isn’t a physical world?!

” “Lissa, don’t be mad.” A slow smile appears on my face, and my eyes start to flutter ope, Pretty Chinese Woman. Quickly I try to shut them, but a marvelous sight catches my gaze. A sad, defeated feeling enters my chest. Shifters are so mea, Pretty Chinese Woman… just waltzing in and ruining people’s lives for fu, Pretty Chinese Woman. Look at how they ruined me. I am who I am because of them. “Liar,” he laughs, “you probably got mated to her because of her smell. It is amazing…

I haven’t experienced a smell like that in a long time. I don’t blame you, Xavier.” He leans in, his voice so soft that I almost can’t hear it. “Even though the ugly chick’s your mate, you could still eat her. I bet she would be delicious, and Ray wouldn’t care,” he whispers.

I jump away from Xavier, punching Yi in the face. My movement is so fast that even he can’t react, my fist hitting home. Yi rubs his jaw, his face of laughter. “I’m just kidding,” he chokes, “mates don’t eat each other, and werewolves rarely eat humans in the first place.

Nice punch, by the way.” Interesting questio, Pretty Chinese Woman.

“ Sorry!” I hissed glaring at me. “ Clayton!

” I growled. “ You… You and your friends… I could kill you all,” I growled.

Former best friends, current standing unknow, Pretty Chinese Woman. “What are you doing to her?” A voice anxiously asks, a voice that is familiar to me. “What are you doing to Mona?!” “I will, thank you, mother.

” Arg! This guy is so retarded! I really want to punch his face inside out! So that’s what I do. “Vanessa!” one of her designers exclaimed.

What the hell?

Pretty Chinese Woman