Pretty Vietnamese Girl

Seeing Ruskies Ladies

Pretty Vietnamese GirlWhat I didn’t expect was his jaw dropping to his knees. “Mom I’m home!” Taylor sang as she bolted into the kitchen, diving straight for the cookies. “Don’t talk to me!” I exclaimed.

I tried to do some deep breathing, watching as my hands shook. “It was John’s best friend, Gram. He must be helping him look for me!” I panicked. you have the day off school, I scolded myself.

Tell him the truth!!!

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s an alternative he’ll be thrilled with.” She laughed and grabbed a cigarette from a pack on the dash. “Shane wants me to come over to his place Friday night, too,” she said, lighting up and taking a drag. “I told him I’d love to, but the idiot isn’t going to know what hit him when I don’t give it up.” RULE #4 “I was.” Kayden nodded, a cocky smirk playing on his lips So after school me and Ashley went to my house and she meet my dads and then we ate Pizza (my dads are horrible at cooking) “This is nice Pizza” Ashley said while thinking my dads “Your welcome” Edward said giving Ashley a smile “Yeah same your welcome and i’m glad you came it’s finally nice meeting you” Mark said while having Pizza in his mouth “Well i’m gonna go up to my room i’m done eating” I said walking up the stairs It was 20 minutes before Ashley came up she was busy talking to Edward and Mark (My Dad’s names) “So how did you like talking to my dad well both of my dad’s” I said smirking “Their funny and I love Edward and Mark their just a big ball of stuff” She said sitting next to on my bed laughing I well we heard a noise coming from my parent’s room so I just ignored it until she mentioned it “Um are they okay?” She said looking concerned “Yeah their probably having fun” I said looking at my pile of unfinished laundry “Well I better get to the clothes then I have to do dishes” I said letting her know what I have to do “Okay” She said still sitting on my bed while I grabbed my dirty clothes and started doing the laundry which was down in the basement so I went down the stairs dropping clothes here and there and having to pick it up. When I was done putting the soap and clothes in and turned it on somebody came down the stairs to the basement.

Pretty Vietnamese Girl