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I whirl around to see an ornate chair engraved with the same designs that decorated the door. The uneasy feeling returning, I slowly lower my body into the seat, wondering how I could have missed such an obvious object in a room that seemed completely empty only seconds before. “ yeah.” “Okay.” I cleared my throat, suddenly wishing I’d actually written down an oath for the boys to make instead of just winging it at the last moment.

But I was trying to be more spontaneous, learning to let go a little.

This was a baby step. “Um… all right.

Do you hereby swear that the ten-year rivalry between the football and soccer teams of Hamilton High will end here and now, that you will, uh, no longer participate in the hazing, pranks, or fights associated with the rivalry, and that you will, at the very least, be civil to the members of the other team so that this rivalry dies once and for all?” “No-bod-y.” He said pronouncing each syllable Lucy gave a goofy grin and exclaimed, “Are you CRAZY?!

HE IS 150% SEXY!” I left the note on the kitchen table, knowing that she would see it if she came home, and set off with the girls to Declans. We walked down his drive and could already hear loads of people inside, even over the blaring music.

Alicia opened his door and walked straight i, Professional Dating Site. I looked to Jaz who laughed and told me that they had been friends for years so it wasn’t a problem.

We walked down into the basement, where the music was coming from and was greeted by Declan and his friends. Kicking the ball in, I stopped to stare at them. Wow. They’re freaks. “Insolent child?

How old are you, grandpa!” Without any indication, his hands shot out, shoving her away just as his lip curled, fangs revealed, eyes gleaming with bloodlust.

“It made you fall in love,” he shifted his weight to try and position himself on top of me but I resisted. “Babe, it’s hard to believe.

I don’t kiss a woman like that for shits and giggles.

” He growled. “I’m sure.” I told him as I moved up to look at him agai, Professional Dating Site. “I love you.” I told him for the first time. He beamed at me and kissed me again, whispering ‘I love you’ back to me before carrying up to his bed. “ Shut up!” I hissed.

I heard him grumble something underneath his breath, but I zoned him out watching my TV show. There was a girl named Maria that was locked in basement, and the cops are trying to find her before she dies. Dude this is freaking intense.

Professional Dating Site