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When we got home, we unpacked the shopping and took all the baby stuff down to the baby room. We left the basinets in the boxes, thinking we could get Ethan to set them up when he got home. I decided that we should wash all the baby stuff first before we put it all away, so I took it all to the laundry and put on a load. As I walked back up the stairs I began to think that we should paint the baby room, make it look a bit more… Babyish. Christan was up in the lounge room putting on a movie for us to watch. “That is our camp.” The soldier said over his shoulder.

When I came closer I realized that it was a campfire and I heard the chatter of me, Real Asian Brides. The soldier rode into the clearing and I followed him. The men who were sitting around the campfire looked up and immediately noticed that there was a woman in their camp. Many of them were already quite drunk and that was why some of the remarks they made were not exactly very gentlemanly. If only they knew who I was. The soldier who had accompanied me to the camp dismounted and wanted to walk over to my horse to help me but I had dismounted even before he neared my horse. I followed him quietly, trying to avoid eye-contact with the men around the campfire and I sincerely hoped that the commander had not had alcohol tonight.

I wasn’t sure what I would do if he had. “Probably, we’re not sure.” Blake said with a wistful smile as he looked over at Meredith. “Bye,” I say as I snap my phone shut. I suddenly have an urge to chuck it against the wall, but think better of it. It is my only phone after all. “ I’m not daydreaming dude, im frying from the sun,” I muttered throwing the ball to him. “Not that fast. NOT THAT FAST. NOTTHATFAST!” I panicked.

I growled and stalked passed him, I could feel him following me as I stopped by my locker. “Where is the rest of the pack? I thought you said they were all here.” I said. After taking the quick shower, she jumped out, grabbing her towel and putting on her bra and panties.

That’s when she remembered that she hadn’t brought any clothes with her. ‘Shit, just my luck,’ she mumbled. Not like I imagined at all. Jay slammed his fist on the dining table.

“It can’t be true, why would the school allow a serial killer?” I’d never seen him so happy.

He was smiling hugely, and his eyes were twinkling with delight. He pulled me downstairs and I stopped cold as two people, a man and a woman, looked up from where they conversed with the pack. HEART

Real Asian Brides