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Russian Mail Order Brides“Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to come, I thought you’ll not show up” I teased. “Why would I do that?” he responded.

He led me towards his Black Ferrari car; this is totally big time! How gentlemen! After I get into his car, he walked towards the driver seat and started the engine.

“So, I’ve heard that Nick has arrived” he stated. “Yeah!” I answered. “Where is he? I thought you and Nick will end up being together” he smiled.

“What? Are you crazy? I mean look! Nick has a girlfriend and besides I don’t like him like that! He also changes from good to bad” I replied.

“So you mean you don’t have any boyfriend? ” he asked. “Since birth” I replied.

“How’s that possible?

You’re gorgeous! No! I mean beautiful!

Darn! I don’t have the perfect word to describe you” he said. I blushed that’s why I quickly look outside so that he would not find it out! After our conversation an awkward silence fill the car. I felt a flaming eyes staring at me, I felt shy and at the same time scared. I looked at the direction of those eyes and I see Mike smiling at me. “Why?” I asked.

“Nothing! It’s just you’re still really beautiful” he smiled.

I wanted to say something when he leaned down and kiss me slowly and passionately. I pulled out to take a deep breath; we both have a confused look and both laugh.

“Why did you do that?” I asked. “I’ve been dying to kiss you since 7th grade” he answered shyly. “Really?

I mean I thought you have a girlfriend” I said. “Nope! We just broke up” he answered. I can see that he’s in pain right now, how could I make him feel better. “But kissing me can’t do anything” I said. “I’m sorry” he said. “It’s alright” I responded.

“ where are you going?” Troy asked walking on my other side. The surprise must have shown on my face, because he glanced over his shoulder before turning back to me. “Are you expecting someone?” “Look at this mess! This is why I hate my hair!” I carefully brushed through an extra tangled spot. “ Oh yeah?” he laughed.

I walked over to him, and shoved my hands against his chest, and he stumbled out of my room, and I hit him over the side of his head. “Mike I will never love you!” Her mumbles were almost screams. “You really feel this nervous about me next to you, right?” he asked and I jumped a little.

I didn’t say anything.

I wonder why they choose this location? I thought.

“Yeah I see that” “Fine, you promise?” I asked and stuck my pinky finger out.

Russian Mail Order Brides