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Russian Marriage AgencyI jiggled the tuner until it played soft country music. It settled my nerves a little, but I was still scared about my mother. Was she going to recognize me? Would she still love me? Would she completely be covered in tubes, until she wasn’t even recognizable anymore?

“A tasty treat, that’s what.” Its low voice whispered. I slowly took a step forward and slowly turn around.

The man has dark features, but has pale white skin and his canines are extended. There were bloods dripping down of them. “WHAT!” we all said at once, I can’t believe that we’re broke I only just got here I pulled out my cellphone…

wait..its Sara’s phone.

“Yellow?” Yes, I love to say ‘Yellow’ instead of ‘Hello.

‘ Hello’s too boring.

“I am Beth, I am your massager and personal clothes designer,” said the one messaging my arms, hands and fingers. Blackness suddenly took over, my consciousness being sucked away until only I was left. Chapter 5 “And think about how badly you are going to hurt Jared…

” I cautioned desperately.

I quietly laid my head against the knapsack, moving as slowly as possible, struck by the events that had just occurred.

My eyes close, but the true darkness does nothing to ease this burning pai, Russian Marriage Agency. I can’t think, nor can I hardly move or feel, blinded by the utter defeat I had just experienced. Not only was I absolutely humiliated, but more importantly, this sweet taste has left me starving.

“Yeah, well, it is a little too late to realize that now, don’t you think?” I ask, bite in every word. He looks to the ground, and then brightens considerably.

“I’m on the pill,” I said. “Me too my twin, me too.” “Please sit down,” he directs me to a chair; “we have to talk to you about some things.” Being careful not to make eye contact with the blue-haired beast, I plop down, staring into Jake’s green eyes. If I look calm on the outside, trust me, I am really screaming on the inside. “Because .

. . what happens of we are really not made for each other?

” she said, turning her body side ways to face me, “What happens if we fight and we start hating each other forever?

” I was afraid everything around me would fall again, this temporary happiness ripped away by the horrible truth.

Xavier sees her, taking in her inviting smile, and turns away immediately. Even Ian reels back in surprise as he looks at me and whispers, “that girl… is she one of those special-needs kids? She hasn’t stopped staring at me since I got in here.”

Russian Marriage Agency