Russian Wives

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Russian WivesI was greeted by Ali and Jaz first by hugs, and then by everyone else. Maliki called me a Call of Duty queen which made me laugh. Guys were obsessed sometimes with their video games, so I know I had done good to earn that title, no matter how stupid it sounded.

Declan pulled a towel out of the bag he was carrying and laid it down, patting the space in front of him for me to sit with him. We all spoke for a while, mostly about today’s plans how drunk everyone got at the party. I was quite surprised to hear nothing about Chloe, but I guess she was old news now which I was pretty grateful of. After half an hour or so I was laid on the beach towel in my bikini sunbathing with the girls, while the boys were off surfing. We gossiped for ages about Chloe, who had apparently said that she wanted Maliki back, but he told her to get lost (In much worse words though!

). Deep down I did feel kinda bad that I caused them to break up, but when I told Ali and Jaz that they said it wasn’t my fault. Chloe had been like it with all other new girls in the group and everyone had gotten bored of it pretty quickly. Nevertheless though I still felt bad for her, I wondered if the tables were turned would I react the same? “Ah, you’re awake, my child.

I was afraid that I’d put you a little too far into your mind and I’d have to find you in limbo.” I heard a soft, tinkling voice murmur beside me. She troops over to us from her royal throne, flipping her blonde hair back from her face every few seconds, confidently strutting in her five-inch tall golden pumps.

With a skirt about five inches above the dress code requirements and a blouse with a bit too many buttons undone, she has successfully secured the stares of every boy in school.

“Because you’re not thinking straight!

” he carried me inside. “Claire, goddammit, if you weren’t drunk right now, I’d be on you in a moment, but-” he cut off with a mighty groan as I stuck my hand down his pants and grabbed the object of his passio, Russian Wives. “Claire!

” he rasped in a ragged voice. “You’re pushing me over the edge!” “Maybe,” Cash said. “But that cart is going to be a bitch to get up the stairs.

It looks really heavy. Let’s just use the elevator.”

Russian Wives