Seeking Asian Women

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Seeking Asian WomenThis is dedicated to my family and friends, whom has alway’s believed in me. (Also, if you want to be updated on my book please add me as a friend or favorite my book. Thanks.) “I want vanilla.” I shake myself out of my trance.

He notices that I have been looking at him, and he smirks. He opens his mouth to say another word, but then I quickly swipe Ray’s card. I don’t want him to hit on me… especially in front of Xavier. Who knows how terrible that would be. “I know. Best movie ever.” Dallas said “What do you think?

” she asked. “Yeah, that’s the part I didn’t tell you about.

Don’t be mad, okay?” And I proceeded to tell her about the party over the summer, how he’d kissed me and told me I was amazing, only to reject me in the end. I even told her about the goofy little Star Game. Chloe listened in silence until I’d finished. Blake went to set up an interrogation room for John, and all the men stared at me in silence.

I supposed they all knew about John’s abusive nature, but I held my head high and ignored them all. “If this is hate, I love it!” I suddenly felt an overwhelming thankfulness that he was here with me. He listened to my sorrow, and comforted me a little, making me feel special. I wasn’t deserving of his kind manner, his devoted attentio, Seeking Asian Women. “Ali, I’ve spent the past 3 years trying to forget you, and in the four minutes you’ve been here you’ve undone any progress I’d made.” I said shakily.

“Because I don’t want to hear your stupid excuse on why that happen!

You always try to come up with an excuse!

” he said. “Daniel, Seeking Asian Women the room has been prepared as you requested.

” Linda murmured. “Hey guys it was Gemma who write this” I said “You know from the wedding?” First floor, second, third.

Two more! Fourth floor, and fifth! The doors chimed as they slowly opened to reveal a flustered Charlie pacing the floor.

Her eyes widened. “I would come up here every single day if I was you.” I said. ”what you still doing here?” With only a few words.

Seeking Asian Women