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Senior SinglesNaturally, when sex was involved, Randy managed to stay focused. “ So! Hilarious! ” Clay laughed.

He had one hand on the door frame, because he was laughing so hard. i walked over to my dresser, and pulled out a bears shirt, pair of black skinny jeans, and I walked past the guys to go into the shower. I walked in and shut the door, and jumped in the shower and took a quick shower.

I jumped out of the shower, and slipped on my clothes, and ran a brush through my hair, and let it fall down my back. I looked at my hair in the mirror. It was light golden brown and it was curly, and fell down my back. They were not nice curls either. They were all over the place, and messy.

It totally said BED HEAD! I picked up my pajamas and put them in the hamper. I opened the door, and went to go step out and my foot landed on something and I went tumbling forward. I fell face first into the wooden floors, and laid there for a few minutes.

I don’t hate my mum but shes the worst mum a teenager can have. She doesn’t understand anything. I tried to explain but she just gives me an explaination about what things are right and what things are wrong. “Why? What time is it?” My eyes widened.

“What?” I was confused. Before I could answer, Damian answered before me, “She fainted in gym and I brought her home.” ‘Mate! Mate! My wolf screamed inside of me. She was my mate, and she was gorgeous.

From what her hoodie said, I could tell she was a freshman in college.

She was only a year younger than I was. She’s mine, only mine.’ “Doesn’t matter,” He said without a single care or doubt, “It’s just a wedding.” when we walk in outside it was breath taking. the bushes has Christmas light in gold. and in the middle was a table for two. How beautiful having dinner outside were you can see the night stars.

I got up and looked around me, Valerie, Vicky, Sunny and Beth, Ohhh, that Beth. When I left the restaurant I saw this young women with dark skin, long black hair, she was looking inside a wedding dress shop smiling, I was about to walk past her but stopped to see what she was looking at and it was this beautiful white dress, it was gorgeous

Senior Singles