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Single Asian Female“You know that your boyfriend hasn’t taken his eyes off you since I got up here” I nod in agreement “I thought you would say that,” he didn’t turn to look at me, still surveying the wonder before us, a smile gracing his handsome face. “Checking her temperature,” Xavier replies nonchalantly, adapting quickly to the shock of his sudden presence. I marvel at the way he can change his attitude so quickly.

We arrived at Nikki’s house, I woke her up. She woke up but still weak and dizzy! Duh! She drank a lot tonight!

She’s not a drinker you know. I assist her to her bedroom; she lay down without changing clothes! Ugh! That’s what drunken people do. I go back downstairs and grab a drink in my surprise I saw Nikki standing in the hallway.

“Hey?” I yelled. “Fuck you! You’re drinking here and leaving me there?

How unfair!

” she mumbled.

“Why you want to drink?” I smirked. “Yeah! Drinking is great!

” she laughed like a crazy perso, Single Asian Female. Now she’s totally drunk but well I’m not worried we’re in her house anyway!

“Hey! Can we just drink inside my bedroom!

Kitchen is boring you know” she stated. “Okay!” I agreed.

I grab 12 beers and I followed her walking to her bedroom the funny thing is she walks like a crazy one! HAHAHAHAHA!

As we enter her bedroom she turn the lights off and turn on the lamp! So it’s kinda semi-dark. We both sat down and grab a beer, she turn on her television and we watch a comedy show! “Hey! I’ll grab popcorn downstairs” I said. “Sound great!” she nodded.

I ran quickly at the kitchen and look for the popcorn box! AHA! Found it! I put in the microwave oven and wait for it to be finished. After I put the popcorn in the bowl I walked straight away to Nikki’s bedroom and as I arrived I saw her laying down the bed laughing! Ugh! My best friend is so crazy for the nth time! Blair stood at the edge of the forest.

Standing at her left was Gabriel, Meredith stood to her right, Single Asian Female the rest of her family stood next to them as well. Taking a deep breath she looked over at Meredith who merely smiled before she took off at a run into the forest.

Blair was right behind her with Blake, Gabriel and the rest of their family right behind them. In seconds they reached a village. “In, out, in, out, in, out.” I whispered. Chapter 5 Okay, Matt said the footballs were going to be near the left. Okay, Lets see. I looked around.

Nothing. I looked behind the trees and under the bushes.

Single Asian Female