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Single AsianI tried not to roll my eyes because the answer is YES; he is the hottest guy out there, god” “Where’s Xaphan?” He was having trouble thinking straight. In fact, his brain went overkill the second he’d called Beth his. She wasn’t his…She wasn’t for him. I stepped out of the car and stood beside my brother. The family of the wolf was not supposed to leave the half-blood’s – that was what they called the unaccepted wolves – side until Alpha ordered them. “What?” I gave a slightly annoyed sigh, and tucked a strand piece of hair behind my ear. My head spun agai, Single Asian.

I felt like I want to pull out all of the wires to stop the beep’s. It was annoying and it was making my head spin more. The paramedic laughed and handed me two advils and a bottle of water. I popped the pills into my mouth, unscrewing the bottle.

I took a swing of water and handed it back to the guy, “Thanks.

” “ Of course bud, so what the little…” I stopped myself.

“ Witch say?” I finished. He started laughing and rolled onto his back agai, Single Asian. “What competition?

” I asked. “But I only tapped your forehead..

I don’t understand how…” Today, all the tables were horrible-looking, covered in pepperoni and melted cheese. I could tell what the menu was today with the food choices being displayed on the people that were supposed to be eating them. Apparently today was food fight day. Yesterday was the end of the water bottle volleyball event, and tomorrow… I quickly examined the calendar on the wall… was the pineapple basketball tournament.

A long time ago the PTO calendar was made into a crazy food calendar, scribbled on by some troublemaker.

Since then, people have actually started to DO the events. The teachers, after a while of trying to stop them, began eating in their rooms, leaving the lunchroom in chaos. I have to admit, though, Single Asian the crazy activities were fun to watch.

At first, it was interesting.

I bit my lip. I pushed it far. I looked at Matt. He was smiling.

What the hell? Be a champion, Be a champion, Be a champion, Be a champion “Okay.” She said going into the bathroom. “Victor, this is my mate-“ “Come on,” Dex said, a little sharp, wary of my hesitatio, Single Asian. I could tell he was hurt, though only slightly.

He stepped gracefully out the door, and offered his hand to me, like a prince. He was a prince.

My prince.

Of course he does.

Single Asian