Single Chinese Girl

The ladies Wok cookware

Single Chinese GirlHowever, Xavier seems to have a different idea. He grabs the textbook we were studying, both of our worksheets, and places them side by side. He looks carefully to see that no one is around, and then his hand moves so fast it blurs. I roll my eyes as he gives me my completed sheet; with similar handwriting to my ow, Single Chinese Girl. “Come in!” Mrs. Cohen called. “Your choice,” he said again, Single Chinese Girl then claimed my mouth with his. Vicious In Love Editing/Proofreading: Me, Me, Me I got up. ‘What?’ I half shouted. ‘I can’t do that!’ Shifters just seem to have it out for me. They must be simply unsatisfied with the fact that, while they did seriously wreck my life, Single Chinese Girl they haven’t managed to take it just yet. He shuts his mouth, Single Chinese Girl then opens it agai, Single Chinese Girl.

“Do you want any condiments?” he asks, opening a small drawer. I know that’s not what he was going to say only a few seconds ago. But I decided to be at least somewhat mature about this. I sighed and climbed off my bed, running my fingers through my hair before heading downstairs.

“ Goodbye mom, cya soon,” I smiled while I watched her car back out of the driveway, and then she was gone. I walked back into the house, and ran up the stairs to get changed. I ran to my room, and was about to close the door, but then I stopped, and took a step back out into the hall. My body froze, and I peered into my parents’ bedroom.

I walked down the hall and lightly opened the door. The drawers where everywhere and empty.

I stepped in and all my mom’s things where gone. I felt my heart break in half, and tears fall down my cheeks. I laid against the wall for house waiting for my mom to come home. I heard the front door open, and I heard someone coming up the stairs, and I looked up and saw my dad standing their looking down at me. “Well, good thing you got out of it before you killed me,” Griffin laughs, a dry, hoarse sound that shocks me. He notices as well, and gathers some water in his hand. As the liquid trickles into his mouth, I start to recall the vivid pictures that had been dancing throughout my head. I have honestly tried to change myself.

Single Chinese Girl