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Single EventsThe sun was setting casting an even gloomier pall on the soon-to-be-abandoned house. Pulling into the driveway ten minutes earlier, Ralph noticed the lawn overgrown with crabgrass and dandelions – this in a community where anyone who didn’t schedule monthly visits from ChemLawn, was considered pariah! The swanky pool had been drained, Single Events the bottom coated with a greenish scum of dead algae and rotting maple leaves. “What did you do after college?

” she asked.

“Move, I am going to swing.” I commended. “Yeah, but we don’t want it too soft so you put in flour.

My cooking teacher said that flour and water together make things that are not too soft and not too stiff.” I said. Morning came; I woke before Will did because of the hangover he’s bound to have after I had a shower and got dressed I walked down into the kitchen and I stopped dead because there is a random tall boy with green eyes and black hair “Hey Felicia!

” I said, smiling energetically. I gave a nod to the nurse, who gave a slight tilt of her head in retur, Single Events.

“What’s up?” An animal-esque growl ripped from the male before he released her, pouncing. Panicked, she rolled onto her raw skin, barely avoiding his body but still taking the impact of a slap to the face. Her head span, a new flash of pain going through her as the metallic taste of blood flooded her mouth. “Cat…where are you? Damian said you had an emergency and you had to leave.

” Trevor said. “You didn’t want to see him, did you? I should have asked.

” “Ray… shut up,”I whine, “tell me when he has clothes o, Single Events.”There is something about this awareness that shouldn’t faze me, but it does anyways. I don’t get why I’m so adverse to things that are so silly and reflect my innocence.

“So, we just turn into a werewolf naturally?” I asked.

“Let’s go somewhere. All of us seeing, as Dallas does not trust me.” He glared at the ground Damian’s hand lifted to the window and he pressed it against it, I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he saw me. I felt heat flash through me as I thought about what happened in that room and fanned myself unconsciously. We pulled away from the house and I leaned my head back, exhausted from today’s events.

Single Events