Single Females

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Single FemalesHe kisses me again but not as passionate but just as amazing and pulls back “Yup” and gets off me and lies down next to me “I think you know the answer. I will.” I said and kissed him passionately. I laughed.

“Ali, you’re not buying me a car!” His Vampire roared. Take it away. Have her take from you. Prove yourself worthy enough.

I can’t feel or ever think about any other moment in my life when I was this happy.

This lucky to have a man that I’ve loved by my side. Shock ripples through me as I realize he was the son that wasn’t suitable to be the successor to the throne. All because he’s a crossbreed.

Kayden glared at Dallas and Dallas stared back evenly.

“Would you like some?” The chubby man waddles over to him, holding out a cup. The veiled man takes it from his grasp, nodding slightly. (A/N: Yayy another chapter!!! Whoa so now Ella, and Noah are dating.

What going to happen when the rest of the school finds out? “Quick question,” This question was on my mind lately, “who gave you sugar this morning?” I sighed. ‘I was kidding.

‘He looked up. I dropped onto the floor and plugged in my hair dryers, drying it all quickly and then curling it into loose ringlets.

I applied light make up and some pink glossy lip gloss and looked in the mirror. I was glad to see that I was no longer that scary monster I saw earlier.

I switched off my music and skipped down the stairs happily. It was awkward. The kiss, Single Females the random room visit, Single Females the basket incident.

It was very awkward between us. We were both looking in front of us. There was a trees and trees and trees. Nothing special to be honest. But it looked like a massive forest was just there.

Normally I would explore but I don’t know, for some reason I’ve changed. “Because I owe you Chris. You saved my life.” His eyes hardened as those words left my mouth and I could tell he was very angry.

His body tore away from mine and he jumped out of bed. He paced the floor beside the window and raked his hands through his shaggy dark hair.

Single Females