Single Man

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Single Man

He moaned in pleasure as I pulled it and kept sliding my hand onto it up and dow, Single Man. Then I pulled back and whispered in his ear in a sexy seducing voice “Thanks babe.” He shivered and I got off of him and sat in the rocking chair. I could tell he was confused by the look on his face. So I explained it all to him. “Babe, Single Man the guys and I made a bet. It was to see if I could seduce you and give you a Bonner in less then 10 minutes. They thought I couldn’t do it and I just proved them wrong. It only took five actually.

Now they have do what ever I say for the next hour.” What if he’s not human?

My brain asked me, and I rolled my eyes. Okay, what am I, six? Of course he’s human! Those big canines told me different…

then all I saw was familiar blackness…

We start up again, and I start to feel more comfortable by Xavier’s side. The world blurs slightly around us, and I can sense his alluring presence washing over me like a flood. However, as the school begins to come into view just over the tips of the trees, a strange feeling of cold fear starts to collide with the peace, and I suddenly get shivers running up and down my spine.

My knees begin to shake, and my grasp on Xavier’s comforting arm gets crushingly hard. “ Hey Mr. Ore! Tereschia here has a short temper!

” The guy that was sitting next to me called out. everyone turned around to look at us, and I sat their shooting daggers into his head. Than I paused, I left a thought wonder.

My life is so messed up right now I thought and frowned. “Come on, lets go for a shower” Emily was already half way out the door with her pink fluffy towel before her words reached me. I quickly tossed the dress and shoes to the bed before running out behind her. Going hard when they turn the spotlights on “No. It wasn’t.” J. T. and Vince said exasperated “Yes now I actually get to cook here” said Sam Because she moves her body like a cyclone “Why’d you kick me…?” He asks while rubbing his eyes, and my fears are confirmed.

My face dropped however when I read the first line. But Will doesn’t answer he just walks outside to his car “Yeah, very mature guys…” I muttered as I went around the back of the car to get my bags. So, today I am going to find out if Jason is really my mate or not? “How?” “Wazzup?” I grinned, pushing my bangs out of my eyes Jason exclaimed taking off.

Single Man