Single People

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Single PeopleInstantly. I shut off the tap just as the bubbles from the dish detergent began to ease over the rim of the sink. “Thanks, Luke.” I smiled patting his shoulder which he shrugged off His eyebrow rises.

“A whole lemon pie or one slice?” he asks suspiciously.

“I met him five days ago. We met in the grocery store. He’s new in town, and he says he’s a private investigator.” She said, leaning in and lowering her voice.

I was standing in the stables, ready to dip my hair in a bucket of charcoal mixed with water.

I had never done anything so disgusting in my life and I had hoped never to have to do anything like it. But the man had warned me that I would have to do this routine everyday if I wanted my hair to stay black and remain unrecognizable.

I closed my eyes and leaned backwards until all of my hair was in the bucket. I had to sit there for a few minutes to let the charcoal sink in and then afterwards I had to keep a towel around my hair until it dried, which would take forever.

I felt the cool water run over my forehead and I desperately felt like crying.

I had no idea how to get out of here, a stranger was my only friend, or rather, he was my only acquaintance, and I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do to get out of here. “Hey Little Quee, Single People.” Me and Drew looked up to see Luke standing there.

He was holding on a lunch tray and his book bag. Luke was smiling but something’s really up with Luke. Even though he was smiling…

his eyes. His two eyes, Single People they got darker…? I looked down at my mismatched shoes, and realized, to my dismay, that she was right.

I bent to hook it back in place, my fingers fumbling with the strap.

“Don’t worry about it” I said as we got into her car “Don’t be,” he said, reaching around me to grab a John Grisham book off the cart. “To be honest, Lissa, Single People there is no one I’d rather shelve with.” “How long are you planning on doing that? A year?” Wes jokingly asks. Ray blushes, although it is hard to tell because he is shifting at the same time. Obviously he is done talking to us. “Hey!! Stop that would you!?” I asked. “Yes,” he says plainly, staring at them also. “I used to be the star track runner on our team.” He places a hand on the glass, Single People the tiniest bit of a smile forcing its way onto his lips. I can see the wistfulness in his gaze, as if he wanted to be returned to that time of glory.

Layla? “What? Are you insane?” I narrow my eyes. “Yeah. Even after I told her I wasn’t!” Kayden stressed

Single People