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Single SitesI shoved him away and screamed. I started running away from him as far as possible, before he could stand up. I knew vampire has sonic speed. “What? Seriously, I could at least get another hour of sleep or something”. I proclaimed.

“How the crap…” I mutter, looking around quickly to see if any of the others came with him. If it was Yi, I’d understand, but I should have been able to notice Jake as he snuck up on us. “Sneaky devil.” “Go away.” He groaned “What now bitch?!” I asked him getting in his face Taylor smiled, as she watched Natasha come out of the guest bedroom with a smiling Josh holding her waist.

Zane came out seconds later, sending a thumbs up in her direction before joining them. “I forgive you,” he said. “But I don’t understand.

Why did you say that?” “Pick it up!” Jake calls, laughing as I start to zoom with my strangely not-stumpy legs towards the goal. My breathing is heavy and labored as I run towards the bark, and it seems to get further away with each stride. You Did This To Me His back looks exactly like my dad’s did when he was possessed by the Shifter.

“Hurry up! I need to pee” shouted Will on the other side of the door “Immortal?!” I exclaim.

“Yes you are.” I said calmly I walked over to the bathroom when I hear the water running. “Um…they’re interesting, I love Simon and Alex they are so cute and I think Ali was right about Leslie and Damien, I like them” “Ray! Xavier!

” She whirls around and nearly barks their name. “Can you take us across the highway on your backs?” “What the hell dude, warn me when you do that, god” I complained “Obviously not, your face is still too pretty,” he mumbled dryly. “By any miracle is Lucius ready?

” Nick plopped on a loveseat, getting much too comfortable. The door behind Ian slammed shut and he knew Nick used his given gift, telekinesis.

Still, he warily eyed the door from the corner of his eye, expecting an attack. “Keep wishing. Aye, where are my bats?” Ian pointed to the closet, and Nick grinned, looking like a young boy rather than his two-hundred years, before disappearing in the closet.

“That does suck” I said I held out my hand and said “Names Sarita but you can call me Sara” “ Gabe, you are so much dumber, stupider, and completely hideous!” I yelled and struggled beneath him, and grabbed his arm pulling him off of me, and we wrestled, and I crawled away from him, running to the other side of the front room. “ Gee guys, thank for the help!” I yelled at them.

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