Oriental Mail Structure Star of the wedding

SingleTrevor wasn’t bad looking, in fact, he was kind of handsome. He had sandy blonde hair, toned arms, though not as toned as Damian’s or Riley’s, and he had dark brown eyes. “ Where are you going? Its late,” Corey called after me. I waved my hand at him, and started to walk down the street to the pizza shop, and I ordered three large pizza’s. I was sitting in a chair waiting for them to be finished and then I realized… I have to freaking carry them all home… “Well, yeah.” He said with a nod as he looked around at everyone when they started laughing at him, “What?” He asked as he plopped down on a chair.

“Do you know how to fly it?” I asked.

“You’re sweet.” I told him and I saw that he had turned a deep shade of red. He saddled the black stallion and then saddled a light brown one as well. When he was done I let him help me into the saddle and he opened the large wooden doors of the stable.

I rode out slowly and the horse pulled on the reins, whinnied and was about to gallop off but I had a strong hold on the reins. I was happy that I could already notice the strength of this horse.

The guard had taken his own horse out as well and then closed the wooden doors and jumped onto his horse’s back in one quick motio, Single.

“You’re dead,” are the last words I hear before doom strikes.

I sighed in relief as I looked at the time, my shift was over. I checked out the last customer I had and set up the sign that said I was closed.

“Dare you to kiss….Vince. Tongue and everything, two minutes.” I said evilly “I like you moving on top of me. If only it was on a bed.” He said smirking “But not like you weren’t outside listening” Alex said Dallas laughed, “Love you, too, Kayd.” “Come on,” I said to Mary. “Let’s get up there before poor Chloe starves to death.

” “And with I’m guessing you’re asking the address” “ Shut up Junior,” I growled.

I started to laugh, and he glared at me. I took a step back and everyone was gawking at me. “ Got a staring problem?” I asked.

They all stared at me, and I turned around and started to pick up my things, but then someone took my book bag and I looked up and saw troy. I groaned, and he started to throw it to his friends and I was monkey in the middle. I sighed, and leaned on a wall. “ Really Troy?” I asked. Then he lunged at me, and I jumped back but I felt my back hit the wall, and he grabbed my wrist and pinned them above my head. “Come on, why can’t you like a guy like me instead?

” I was beginning to feel frustrated.