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Social DatingI nodded, and took a sip of wine. “Yeah, stressful. Just like every other day.” “Cover your eyes,” Xavier commands me, “this will be rather… um… dirty.

” Wes grabs my arms, his movement solem, Social Dating.

“ Its Ty,” I mumbled. “Apparently they thought differently.

” He wiped a stray tear off my cheek and then kissed me. I forgot everything at that moment and barely heard the knock on the door. Suddenly I heard someone clear his voice.

Nathan let me go to see who it was and it turned out to be the head of parliament. I was a little embarrassed but Nathan seemed to act like there was nothing wrong so I didn’t mind that much either.

“I’m sorry.

” It came out of my mouth before I could stop it. I tucked my hair behind my ear and cleared my throat.

“I mean, not about the hamburgers. I’m sorry about us. How we stopped hanging out and stuff, and—” ”you dont honesty think im doing this for free do you?”he said while give me soft kissed on my neck. i moan very softly, he blew on my ear, that hit the spot i couldn’t feel my legs, he notice grabbed on to me tighter. I got out of his embrace and put some yellow paint on his right cheek with my paintbrush.

From that i started laughing. In the far distance, I could spot bright lights, cutting through the darkness, amazingly powerful beams that climbed high into the sky. The tops of flashing rides and movie screens could be spotted, taking my breath away as it illuminated the hilltops. Screams, loud and high-pitched, could be heard from even our distance, about five hundred feet from our goal. Oh, what the heck with it. After a few rings he pick up, “Hello?

” “It’s no problem,” Cash choked out between laughs.

“Any good guy would have made it special for you.” I raise my index finger to my cheek, brushing against the droplet that had been running down my face with confusio, Social Dating. He’s…right, but I don’t have the explanation he’s looking for. I didn’t respond It looked like he was getting annoyed.

I turned my head away from him and broke the kiss. “Let me the fuck go! I have a boyfriend for crying out loud. Whats your problem?” I yelled. He didn’t respond.

Instead he held my chin and pulled it back to his face so we were making eye contact. Instead of answering me he kissed me again but this time it was more forceful. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and explored it hungrily.

I tried to hold back a moan, but failed to do so.

Social Dating