South Asian Beauties

Fabulous Oriental Gals

South Asian BeautiesI peered out of the doorway, my loose, wavy hair falling in rivers down my slender back. I was dressed casually, with a beautiful blue halter top that I always believed fit Sadie way better than me, and a short, puffy, multicolored skirt that always took my breath away whenever I looked at it. I had never tried these outfits on before, except at the store when I bought them, because I always thought, somehow, I wasn’t fit to wear them. It was too beautiful for me, a truly marvelous choice of attire that rather suited someone gorgeous like Sadie, Akemi, or Ayako. I couldn’t believe who was their. I shake my head, my cheeks flushing once more. He stops completely, bending down so he can be at my level.

Quietly, halting me with a gentle touch, he observes me, examining my face. He frowns, his sparkling eyes creasing a little in disappointment. “Mona,” he says, “you look very different from when I first met you.” The bell rung and everyone quickly finished up. “Hi,” I said, waving back. “I hate you.” He muttered “I know you do. But the problem here is not what you think.

” He nods his head slightly, “she holds too much affection for you. You may have been better off if she hated your guts.” She shrugged, “Hurry up!” Right before the tree hits the ground, squelching me in the process, South Asian Beauties there is a thump.

Glancing upwards, I wonder why I am not dead yet. Why the pain is only inside of me, blinding my thinking. There are no scratches on my arms and legs, only dirt and leaves, making me wonder if this is only a dream. There is no way this can happen in real life. I am just going crazy, imagining such nonsense.

He kissed my cheek, “I missed you.” “You’re so freaking neurotic.” Chloe ran her fingers through her brown corkscrew curls. I knew she hated them; they were apparently a pain in the ass to manage.

But they just looked so adorable on her. “And I don’t get why you won’t tell me about this plan of yours.” Any second I swear the door’s going to break. Even as I think this, my mind flashes back to Ray’s arms as he grabbed me, and the well as I fell inside.

Seems like running away brings me nothing but trouble.

And given that these fruits are the only nourishment we have seen so far, I could very well starve without the group’s help.

South Asian Beauties