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Southeast Asian WomenI was eleven when Grandpa died of a heart attack. Grandpa and I were down in his bar room playing ‘Go Fish’ on the glass table that had been set up for us to play o, Southeast Asian Women. I had noticed Grandpa rubbing his chest a lot during the game, but when I asked him if he was ok, he said he was fine, that he just needed a drink of water. He asked me to run up the stairs to get him a glass of water. I said ‘fine, but no peaking at my cards Grandpa”.

I was half way up the stairs when I heard a big crash, and the sound of glass smashing against the floor. I quickly ran back down the stairs to find Grandpa lying oh his stomach, his hand over his heart, on the now smashed table. Blood slowly began to spread around him on the carpet.

I couldn’t move or speak, my chest heaving heavily as I took in a deep breath and let out the loudest scream I could. Tears begun to stream down my cheeks as Gran burst in through the back door, my eyes glued to Grandpa’s body. Grandma had took Grandpa’s death in stride. After the funeral, we’d spend every night for months looking through all the photos of Grandpa and telling the memory of the image we held. Eventually, we decided to hang all the photos of him and my parents down in the bar room. I smiled.

James, Hailey, Nala, Gabe, Peter and I have become good friends because we have several classes together. We’re always talking to each other through the pack bond, and getting each other in trouble when we laugh out loud at things we say. “You’re going to tell us, one way or another.” J. T said smirking evilly “Please, sit.” Blake said gesturing towards the couch.

“Is this an engagement ring?” I ask suspiciously.

He shakes his head. I swatted him away, my whole body stiffening. “You sure you won’t be too busy cleaning your windshield?

” He laughed. “You guys are my friends. I’m cool with it.” A war that has no purpose…

“I’m going to break up with Sidney,” he says, “someone who I can’t hypnotize is much more interesting to me,” He shoots me a wink. “I like not being the controlling one.” “Owwwwww!

I’m sorry!” I yelled trying to pry her hands off my ear

Southeast Asian Women