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I paced the floor for what felt like hours with the phone gripped in my hand. My knuckles were white and my fingers were cramped from the constant squeezing. “I’ll be okay,” I said, and despite everything, I couldn’t help letting out a little laugh. “So why were you mad that he called you hot?” Kayden asked I lay on the bed, drifting into nothingness within the next few minutes. If only he could get along with Xavier.

“Attention, everyone!!!!!

Excuse me, attentio, Spanish Mail Order Brides.” Kim spoke loudly.

She pointed to a group of girls who were by the locker, who’s skirt were too up and their shirt too tight. The school was mostly made of glass.

You could see the students from the inside of the building, walking and hugging their friends.

The school has a gold gate with fashion designs on the bars. The school even has a lawn that stretched a mile long. You could see a garden near the front and that a couple of staffs were fixing the flowerbed. There was a couple of bench. “ You feel sorry for the guy?” Clay laughed.

I wanted to ask him why. I wanted to beg him to stay. But I never had the chance. And now he is gone forever. Riley smiled a huge smile at me and grabbed my hand, pulling me up. “You think I should annoy mom and change with the dress still on?” I asked Riley, whispering conspiratorially.

I frown and reach for the notepad. “How do you have something like this in your knapsack?

” I write. He reads and answers my question before I finish my next sentence.

“We… prepare…

for… everything.” He grins at me and my heart does a funny leap. What is wrong with me? I mentally slap myself in the face as my hand reaches with the dagger to try and stab the walls.

Of course, it doesn’t work, my hand banging into the smooth bricks instead. “If only there was something to grab onto,” I mutter, scanning the sides again and again for a ledge of some sort. For anything.

~~ “I’m so happy!

” She squealed, gripping my shoulders as she shook me

Spanish Mail Order Brides