Speed Date

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Speed DateWhat went on? what went on? “ Art put me down!” I screamed. He continued to walk, and I went to go hit him, but then I realized if I would of done that I would of hit his ass. My face went beat red, and I put my hand down and started kicking my legs. “ Put me down!” I screamed, and he did so. NO! He didn’t put me down! He freaking threw me dow, Speed Date. I landed outside the front door, and I groaned because I fell on my ass. Art slammed the door in my face, and I sat their gawking at the door. He… oh he just locked me out of my OWN house.

ITS ON! I jumped up, and saw them all through the windows laughing their asses off. I flicked them off, and walked down the stairs, and saw all their cars parked in the driveway.

I looked around and my eyes locked with our garde, Speed Date.

A evil grin came across my face, and I made way towards it………… “I’m ’bout to freak out on you.” He said gripping the steering wheel “Yes, this is my uncle Chris’s Dinner. It is the best food in Ireland. Sorry for the long drive, but I really want you to try the food here”. “And the twins made Eve do it,” Margo sighed.

My senses were alerted, my ears tuned to the sound of Eve’s name. “What?” I inquired softly. “I’m so thankful for you that I just want to show a bit of my appreciation,” he says sweetly, “so let me begin with a few bites of my one and only lady.” Leaning down, he captures my bottom lip in his teeth, coaxing my mouth ope, Speed Date. I shiver in anticipation as he nibbles at my lip before moving in for a tender kiss. She sighed.

“I-I just…John is out there, and possibly Gram as well. I don’t want him to see us together, he’ll go into a jealous rage and do something rash, like kidnap Linda to get to you, or worse, he’ll sneak in like he did before and this time, he’ll kill you in your sleep.” She stressed.

Give me back my body! I growled at my wolf. “Like fooling around, hand jobs, BJs. All of it?” “Than how do you drink it?” she said. “Library,” I muttered, wrenching my hand from his grasp without even meaning to. I let out a breath and rolled my shoulders, willing myself to relax. It was just Randy, after all. “No.”

Speed Date