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The Hottest Asian WomenDoor. My back was pushed to the farthest wall of the car from him and “ Happy you’re a lot,” he muttered sitting on the couch. Next was troy. He smirked and made a bunch of spit on his lips, and I struggled in Gabe’s grasp and he planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

“What does it say?” I ask fearfully.

“ Lets head home,” he said breaking apart.

I nodded my head and I followed him out of the hospital and into the car. When we got into the car I felt soar from that little walking. I took a deep breath, and slumped into the seat closing my eyes. I felt the car coming to a stop and I opened my eyes and saw our house.

I yawned and opened the car door, and when I got out, and stumbled to the side because I felt horribly dizzy.

I gripped onto the car for balance, and clay ran around and wrapped his arm around me waist to steady me. I stood there for a minute, and then took his arm off of me giving him a smile. Cam shrugged and scooted over to me. He grabbed my jaw in his hand and kissed me softly.

He’s a pretty good kisser.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. I deepened the kiss- Tonight’s gonna be fuuun! “Not to me,” I muttered. “It hurt. I felt used. I’m tired of you ditching me for this stupid fight, Randy.

It really bothered me last night.

It’s been bothering me for a while, actually.” I stared at my feet and shoved my hands in my pockets so I’d stop wringing them. that!” “Ooh,” a teasing voice erupts from behind us, “we get to watch a love scene.” Hurriedly I jump away from him, suddenly aware of how my face had been moving closer to his. My lips are aching to be touched, stinging with disappointment at the chance that was lost. Even my body is fighting me, begging me to give in to my lust. But I must be stronger.

“ I – Im sorry Art,” I muttered. I walked over to my bed, and grabbed a blanket and pillow and put it on the floor, and locked my door, and laid down on the floor. Art stood their looking down at me. “Ian,” he supplied, shocked he’d given her his name at all. Her eyebrows creased in confusion, and he almost smiled.

Two times in a day? What the fuck was he on? It was unnerving that this one brat could make him smile. What was it with her that made him want to—? “It really is around twelve thirty.” I gasped and sat up quicker than I had ever sat up before and started looking for my clothes.

“Sir,” alarm showed plainly on my face, “you called me!” “ Hey Ty,” Gino said sitting down next to me.

The Hottest Asian Women