The Most Beautiful Asian Girl

Particular date Some sort of Japanese Partner

The Most Beautiful Asian GirlHe smiles, his eagerness unrelenting. “This is something new. I have never heard of a mate not being in love with their destined one,” he says softly. “Me sorry.

” “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” I heard Nanna shouted angrily. ‘Oh.’ I said. My dad wants me to eat lunch with him? Why? “Because we just got the best dresses in the world!

” Bianca yelled The waiter took a look at me. Jeez, I’ve never eaten at a place this before.

What’s the cheapest thing here…? “I’ll just have a salad and plain water-” ‘Darling, Ive found you a school.’ She said. So here I was, barely two months later, walking down the stairs in my Rainbow Brite pajamas, preparing to tell them that we’d split up again—for good this time. “I am going to take a shower and get clean clothes on, while you stand in the bathroom not looking at me. Do you understand”? “Okay, I will have him sent home”. He said. She could practically hear him roll his eyes. “And how do you plan to stop me?” He came closer so his body flattened against hers, pulling her up so that his hand could wrap around her neck, thumbing the frantic pulse-point.

She wasn’t about to tell him her blood was racing from desire and not fear. Some things a girl just had to keep secret. “I’ve got you detained now and I can easily do it agai, The Most Beautiful Asian Girl.” Her blood froze.

“Oh – please tell me your story then, young one.” “Shut up.” I said getting up and walking to the kitchen “Oh, go get a room,” Ali laughed and sent them on their way. I stared after the happy couple with envy. Deep breath. One, two, three… I wince inwardly as his hand touches mine, and then retreats as if he had committed some sort of crime.

“I’m gonna go get ready.” I said walking toward the “Ok, a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4.” “Just this morning I received a call from RACE headquarters,” I showed him my caller list on my phone quickly, his eyes widening as he processed the informatio, The Most Beautiful Asian Girl. “Okay sounds fun”, Mrs. Fianna I said to her “Where’s the fun in that?” I ask honestly, my voice jesting.

“Maybe it would be a good idea, Xavier,” I whisper into his ear, fright clearly painted onto my features, “they seem to know what they are doing.” “Okay. See yah.” I turn off the phone and quietly sat down on my bed. Did just Nick run off? Last night he took my virginity and now he just vanished? How could he possibly do this to me? Is he just playing games with me?

The Most Beautiful Asian Girl